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Contrast is beautiful on this one.

~ matador ~

Spanish matador

"From the perfect authority of his stance, I am guessing this is a member of Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, because so few male dancers have the strength and technical wherewithal to dance en pointe (see link). Anybody know more? *maybe* Duane Gosa? Boysie Dikobe??"




I don't know who this guy is, but he is a Matador, and he really looks the business.


La tienta, siempre como parte fundamental para saborear la bravura del toro a lidiar......

Timo Nunez. I'm not a fan of bullfights, but I like the matador's costumes and balletic movements.

Juan Jose Padilla's hand is stained with blood from a bull during a bullfight at La Muralla

Bull fight... Didnt love it to much. Would have liked it, if they wouldnt have hurt and killed the bull. Just liked the matador swinging his cape.

Spanish Matador Juan Jose Padilla!


Anita Berber

‘Flamenco’ is a passionate, emotional dance that is very connected to the earth. The feet work is essential in this dance style. www.facebook.com/Spanish.School.In.Spain

From series “Los Toros” | Photography by Michael Crouser

Bull Matador Jose Maria Manzanares II… Not that I'm de acuerdo w/ this violent sport but nevertheless it is a part of our cultura… a negative part, but a part nonetheless…

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