Peacock tattoo

Okay, not technically "vintage", but still hot.

feather light

feather and birds tattoo

loving these flowers :o)

Beautiful Rainbow Tattoo Design: Feather Rainbow Tattoo Design For Girl On Arm ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration This should look awesome with a traditional feather

peacock arm sleeve tattoo.

Birds Of A Feather Tattoo Meaning › Amazing Back Feather Birds Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

love the colors

So much love. LOVE LOVE LOVE

JOHN EMBRY Bowling Green, Ohio


peacock feathers

Feather tattoo

Colorful Peacock Tattoo

Cute way to cover up moles :)

According to Chinese mythology, the phoenix is the symbol of grace & virtue. Second only in importance to the Dragon. It represents the union of yin & yang, & was a gentle creature associated with the Empress, who alone could wear its symbol. In Japanese tattooing the phoenix is often twinned with the dragon, symbolizing yin & yang, the harmonious combining the best of feminine & masculine virtues. A phoenix is supposed to represent rebirth, resurrection, immortality & victory over trials.

love this side tattoo