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"May my heart be turned to pray"

everyday of your life is not going to be perfect without pain. Because without pain there is no progress, when it is tough in your life, pray to god. he always listens. when you cannot take it anymore lean on gods shoulders.

nothing more needs to be said.

The only way to heaven is by the cross. There is so much truth in this picture! Jesus shed his perfect, innocent blood so we could be forgiven.

We all could use a little of this

Every day! I'm going to make this part of our daily morning prayer. Dear God, please keep your hand over my mouth. I'll read verses about the tongue.

Spiritual/Religious Quotes jj

Dear God, please remind me every day--YOUR plans are always better than my dreams. Help me to dream YOUR plans.


Proverbs This could be my favorite verse to live by!" So true!

Just need lots of patience and faith in HIM!!!

† ♥ ✞ ♥ † Let integrity and uprightness preserve me, For I Wait for You , Lord. {Psalm † ♥ ✞ ♥ † God has perfect timing ; never early , never late . It takes a little patience and a lot of faith . However it is always worth the Wait.

Pray & read

"If you don't have time to pray & read Scriptures, you are busier than God ever intended you to be." It's time to prayerfully evaluate your priorities, activities, and responsibilities.

I'm beautiful to Christ in Christ!

True Beauty emanates from a woman who boldly and unabashedly knows whoe she is in Christ. She clings to God's promises for her life and believes them as the most important thing about her.