Make one for behind mitre saw and hook up to shop vac underneath bench

Wing Chun Dummy from Shaolin House | Our Workshop - Wing Chun Dummy from Shaolin House

See there? How cool is THAT? You could disguise that and use it in a traditional room. What is it? It's a "floor sweep". Simply sweep the crap into the box and the dust collector sucks it up.

Backyard Workshop - Ultimate Workbench

Another way to do bench top tools in the same bench.

Floor sweep, needs a magnet to catch odd metal bits and a beveled bottom piece. Can't have little bits of sawdust sitting on the floor in front of it, it'd drive me crazy!

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Amazing: The Swiss Army Knife of Workbenches..

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Miter Saw Bench

Shop Vac Silencer (Part 1)

Panel-ripping edge-guide

Homemade table saw fence

A broom has no cords or hoses to catch and will reach every corner of your shop. Instead of tripping over the vacuum or dust collection hose, just connect Woodstock International’s floor sweep to your dust collection system and sweep the debris away. The floor sweep works best when used in conjunction with a gate — that way you can just open the gate when you’re sweeping and close it when you’re done.

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Benchtop Tool System

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