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Champagne Pomegranate Cocktail -- Pomegranates add festive color and great flavor to any cocktail. Create a sparkling celebration by combinating tart pomegranate juice with spicy ginger ale, a little brandy, and a bottle of bubbly Champagne.

Champagne-Pomegranate Cocktail

Champagne Pomegranate Cocktail cups crushed ice 2 cups pomegranate juice cup ginger ale cup brandy 1 bottle Champagne or sparkling wine Pomegranate seeds )

Swimming Pool (1 oz Absolut Vodka 2 oz Malibu Rum 2 oz Pineapple Juice 1 oz Heavy Cream Splash of Blue Curacao)

Swimming Pool Cocktail -- 1 oz Absolut Vodka 2 oz Malibu Rum 2 oz Pineapple Juice 1 oz Heavy Cream Splash of Blue Curacao. Garnish with a slice each of pineapple and add orange, lemon and a Maraschino cheery on a pick stuck into the pineapple.

St Patrick's Day Rum Drinks - copyright Rum Therapy

Frosty O’Malley Martini (Makes oz. white rum c. canned frozen lemonade c. canned frozen limeade c. lemon lime soda 2 c. lime sherbet) Oh, Happy St. Paddy's day to MEEE!

Raspberry Vodka Soda With Lime

Raspberry Vodka and Soda Cocktail Recipe

Signature Drink of the Month |It's Vodka Time!

Vodka-Thyme Lemonade - Martha Stewart Recipes Why am I in summer mode already? This would be awesome for pool party Fridays.

1 1/2 ozs white rum,  3/4 oz vodka, 2 oz pineapple juice,  3/4 oz cream of coconut,  1/4 oz cream,  1 1/2 cups crushed ice,  1/4 oz blue curacao.   Mix all ingredients EXCEPT blue curacao. Add blue curacao over the top.

By the swimming pool. ozs white rum ¾ oz vodka 2 oz pineapple juice ¾ oz cream of coconut ¼ oz cream cups crushed ice ¼ oz blue curacao Mix all ingredients except blue curacao. add blue curacao over the top to form the pool.

summer must: watermelon mojito pops

Endless Poptails: Watermelon Mojito Popsicles - This recipe sounds good enough before it's frozen, I'm not sure I'd have the patience to wait for the freezer ;