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The Rubix Cube has confounded us for years. Maybe the sandwich version of this puzzling brain teaser will do the same. The Rubix Cubewich contains cubes of pastrami, kielbasa, pork fat, salami, and two types of cheddar.

The Giftwich, a Rueben sandwich featuring 24 slices of ham.    via Buzzfeed

The 44 Most Unholy Sandwiches Ever Created

Pantone + Rubik’s cube = Rubitone!

One can say whatever you like about the Pantone Cups, Nice, Fun or maybe to much. But the Rubiks Cube in Pantone colours. WOW, thats branding. Play On Pantone!

Awesome! Looks like someone had a lot of time.... And guests!

How's this for a Superbowl snack tray? Superbowl Tailgate Platter I found the picture and am sharing with y'all. I don't know who made this Super Bowl Snack. I wish I could make it. It looks so awesome

15 Awesome Sandwich Artworks

Tiny House On An Island Finger Food Sandwich. (too cute.great for housewarming.

Fruit salad, cubed. Excellent + artsy presentation.

Could a regular fruit salad ever come off looking this elegant? Impress dinner party guests with this rubik's cube fruit design.

Top 10 Unusual Rubiks Cube Gift Ideas

Ernő Rubiks cube is something I never got on with. I always loved the colourful design and started to wonder what the top 10 rubiks cube gift ideas are.