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Baked Shells with Fontina and Parmesan Bread Crumbs
Gouda and Lobster Mac and Cheese
This is a delicious Parmesan Mac and Cheese recipe! These pictures will make you DROOL!! Enjoy!
Homemade macaroni and cheese. Cooked on the stove top, then baked in the oven: creamy, buttery, with very crisp golden brown breadcrumbs on top!
Fontina, Spinach, and Bacon -  Shells with Cheese.
Brandy's Baking: Dinner
Parmesan & Spinach Orzo Recipe
Mushroom Parmesan Rice...I've made something similar to this for years, only without the Parmesean.
What if I told you that, instead of constantly stirring the rice and gradually adding broth to it, you could combine your rice and broth in a Dutch oven, cover it, bake it for 45 minutes and get the same creamy risotto? No stirring it. No checking it. No worrying about it.  YOU CAN!