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    sad thing is, i was the one who did the beating & she's 5 years older



    • Tania Molodyh

      I miss the days when I used to beat you up & you would cry just to get me in touble. | Family Ecard |

    • Amanda Carpenter

      Brother would cry for no reason to get me in trouble when we were kids so I beat him up because I was getting in trouble either way

    • Jennifer Hall

      or i just made you mad so you cried, claimed i beat you up, and magically stopped crying when i got into @Shannon Hall

    • Callie Williams

      Bahahaha - well my sis was the one doing the beat ups! @Mecca Donley Sisterly love!

    • Courtney Haughwout

      Sister love. i may be younger, but i was always the one beating her up haha

    • Becky Calcote

      Love you San if when beat me up lol

    • Natalie Parsley

      My brother Pete! :D

    • Teri

      ahhh siblings....

    • Sammi Lee

      Little brother

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    For my sister...


    So true.

    Yes, I do have the best sister in the world... It's just that she's crazy and she scares me a little bit...

    That's what sister's are for =D

    It's funny 'cause it's true.

    I was dropped as a baby, into a pool of awesomeness and glitter. | Confession Ecard |

    Yeah. I'm scary.

    I love my sister. Even though she's only a couple of years younger than me, I feel like she's my baby.

    get ready sis Victoria Graham

    God has a sense of humor!

    Me and my BFF @shannoncagle

    I'm not medicating myself.....

    Oh, sisters! haha

    I don't like you. My best friend doesn't like you. She has never met you. But that's how she rolls. | Friendship Ecard | #funny #friends #bestfriends #quote #girls

    This house is a prison!

    Clearly the older sister.

    Funny Weekend Ecard: When Im dead, I want people to remember me by starting off each sentence with 'She was the craziest bitch I knew, this one time....'


    I know some who fall. I have clumsy friends. They laugh, now I do too.