WHAT?!? Why am I just learning how to do this??? How to hem jeans the correct way leaving the original edging intact.

How to Hem Jeans with original hem

Make garden apron from old jeans. No sewing!

Hem your favorite jeans that are too long keeping the original hem! (Did it this morning and is SUPER easy!)

Adventures in Dressmaking: Essential blue jean mending method--Tutorial!

Ant Poison - I wish I had learned about this years ago! It's cheap, easy, fast and it WORKS!

DIY skinny jeans

do it yourself divas: Tips on Hemming Pants With Original Hem

no-sew fleece blanket edging-so much cuter than the knotted edging!

Puzzle cutting boards.... Love this.... would be great too for little house parties

easy zipper technique!

alter your jeans while keeping the original hem

Nice...I will def. do this one, thank you for sharing and please share more!!

A marshmallow keeps brown sugar soft...hot vinegar can revive paintbrushes...among other tips.

Pleats and Ruffles: How to Take in only PART of your pants

DIY: Easy Mason Jar Luminaries | Mom Spark™ - A Trendy Blog for Moms - Mom Blogger

Decorating flip flops

grey knit sweater with ruffle hem I always look like a garbage bag in anything not semi fitted and love the ruffles bc they add a feminine cutesy touch

WOW!!! this whole site has tons of dollar store crafts!!