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    Well, this makes far too much sense....

    Starting with age 5, have a family rule that your child makes their bed every day--and then don't fix their work. Let them struggle and feel proud of their efforts--you'll be surprised how quickly they get good at it! It will be a habit before long and your home will be neater, too! * This post has 100+ ideas to help you tame the chaos in your home (and your life)--this is just one tip!

    Basement storage.

    A Not-So-Silent Night. Games to play at your family Christmas.

    earring organization. chain and hooks...simple as that!

    From Pinner: Best Emergency Notebook I've seen with printables so you can make your own for your family! MUST DO!

    She has how-tos on every single thing in your house.

    This is a clever way to save floor space and sort laundry.

    Cork board on the inside of cabinet doors to keep notes, recipes, etc out of the way.

    turning cereal boxes into drawer organizers!

    Tutorial on how to fold plastic grocery bags into "footballs." Keep a couple in your purse and car for when you need a bag on the go

    How to recover lampshades

    How to fold sheets into neat packages that actually sit pretty on linen closet shelves.

    Smart! Each member of the family has a mesh lingerie laundry bag, and a hook. They put their dirty socks and underwear in the bag each night. On laundry day, you wash the whole mesh zipped up bag, and give it back! No more sorting through and figuring out which socks are for which person.

    The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: 31 DAYS TO AN ORGANIZED HOME

    Knobs! how clever. Much better than trying to get one of those to stay on the shower head

    Way better than a towel bar...

    Bobby pins on a magnetic strip in a drawer! Smarty Pants!

    Make your own magnetic board..i need this!

    you can remove one pan without having to remove them all. turn a vertical bakeware organizer on its end and secure it to the cabinet wall with cable clips.

    Nail-polish colour coded keys.

    Organize with Altoids tins!

    awesome idesa

    DIY - Jewlery Organizer

    cleaning calendar, including printable