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    Chewable morphine would be approved by four out of five nurses.

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    So support one another girls. We are the best support one another has and I've always felt that way.



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    Yoga Pants Quotes - The Girl in Yoga Pants Yeah, but if they get caught in the vacuum... Ginger, you have to watch that. I've never heard of anyone getting their skinny jeans caught in the vacuum.


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    Funny Animal Pictures (16 Pics)

    I'm defiantly Buddy!


    I just died of cuteness.

    Oooo I love his little black pads on all his white feet!


    Fussy dog picks through the food

    Paying for delivery...nooo I'll take it home myself. Reminds me of my ex! He'd buy EVERY piece of furniture we owned at SAMs and insist I carry it into the house with him no matter how heavy. Good times!

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    DIY Shelves: Everyone needs more shelf space in their home, and graced with a pretty display, these easy-to-make hanging shelves add interest to any empty wall. Use them as a decorative display in the living or dining room or for storage space in a kitchen or bathroom. Using poplar boards, rope, paint and dowels, it costs less than $50!