"Motivate teens and tweens to do their chores! Use the guest password option to set a daily wifi password for them to earn - if they want FB and Netflix on the iPod and nook... They will do their chores!!

Chore baskets - This is a great trick for kids. Write directions on the front of the basket and let them choose which task they want to do.

Chore chart idea.

FINALLY! THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! You do not get paid for chores because it's an expected part of being a family. Allowance is teaching children how to manage money. Thank you, Pinterest. Now I have a place to start.

I totally need to do this - keep the wifi password hostage - genius!

All the most fun things to do while you've got a toddler - before they turn into a Big Kid!

"Spin-Doctor Parenting": Taking Our Own Parenting Advice

33 Totally Underrated Places To Shop For Kids' Stuff Online

Chores for Toddlers -- her advice at the end emphasizes positivity and flexibility which I like.

When we first brought our daughter home from the hospital, I knew things wouldn't always be easy, but I never anticipated I'd struggle with something as simple as getting a toothbrush into her mouth. Thankfully, I came up with 7 easy and effective strategies to help with tooth-brushing struggles, and we're slowly (but surely!) making progress.


Nice idea! Keeping this for the future..

Parenting tip

Teach your kids to work! 43 chores young children can (AND SHOULD) do (18 months to 7 years old)

Chore & Discipline Charts


Great list of FREE printable including holidays, chore charts and fun wall prints. I already printed a bunch

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How to lock your iphone/ipad so your kid can't get out of the app they are using

My boy has been taught all of these.

From baking to chores these printable parenting charts will help you and your kids out around the house! Get your kids involved in the chores.