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Everything Love (The Good Vibe)

I've cried so much today...I thought some music would help but it just made it worse...this explains it.

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Forever My Always, Home Decor Wooden Sign, Wedding Gift, Anniversary Gift, Valentine's Day, Forever Be My Always, Wedding Decor, Gallery

The funniest website in the world 【 】^^ Have some fun !!!!

I have walked away form gorgeous hunks with so much going for them because, if they aren't nice to her, why would they be any different to me?

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13 Inspirational Quotes For When Everything Is Just The Worst

easy to say than done though. just like how can one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel. but no doubt about it. don't let idiots ruin your day. just not worth spoiling your day.

just another tid bit of info to throw at the children during a little lecture of 'I carried you inside my body for nine months and this is how you repay me......."