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Triple squirrel

Beautiful Wild animals pictures and Nature Photo Gallery ~ UNUSUAL THINGs wild squirrels!

belongs under a protective glass dome of some sort. Had to be made in China our labor costs are way to high currency exchange factor too

Funny picture of a squirrel wearing a scarf and a purse which are red.The only thing it needs is a hat, but unfortunately this animal has too big ears

This must be a Maine Coon Squirrel

Squirrel with a mouthful of moss. think she's doing a bit of landscaping? making a moss bed in her tree nook?

Hello? The birds want me to tell you the feeder's empty.

The birds want me to tell you the feeder's empty. Ok so this reminds me of my mom in Iowa who sent us Squirrel feeders, Hello Mom.We grow Almonds! we don't feed squirrels.

posing ground squirrels

Funny pictures about Everybody say cheese. Oh, and cool pics about Everybody say cheese. Also, Everybody say cheese.


💘体調不良の為、長期療養中💘 on

adorable duo

Wild mice are usually considered as vermin in our homes, but when they're seen in their natural habitat, wild mice are very cute. In today's post we've collected 38 Cute and Tiny Wild Mice Photos

Adorable Squirrel

By Eliza Lebedewa Siberian Red Squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris exalbidus (Pallas