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    The Amount Of Sugar In Food, Expressed In SugarCubes - more healthy things: www.perfectdiets.net

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    SUGAR CUBE PICTORIAL! HOW MUCH SUGAR IS IN EVERYDAY STUFF YOU EAT! Fit, Fruit, Nutrition, Stuff, Sugar Cubes, Food, Healthy, Garden, Perspective

  • Sharon Woods

    For some people seeing is believing. Compare your food and drink to sugar cubes, Eat smart. #Nutrition #Health Interesting - guessing game with kids? good lesson for all

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Love this braid. It would go so well with a casual country outfit.

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1. Put on the headband. Try to find one that is not too tight on your head since it will then slip up easier. Don´t worry if it slips up a bit now, you will fix that later. 2. Take all of the hair (or if you want to leave a few shorter pieces in the front do that) and roll it around the headband. Arrange it nicely and tuck down the hair some more where needed. 3. Secure with bobbypins, especially if you are a bit flat headed like me. This is for extra security so the headband will stay put.

This would be a cute look for swing dancing events. Might as well try it and see if my hair will cooperate!

My daughter knows how to fishtail and so do I but I'll admit that it might take a while to perfect.

Love this curly pony, three braids on each side, with a pompadour or top poof, with curly pony hairstyle

Suffering from dead ends? DONT CUT THEM OFF JUST YET. This is especially helpful for girls who bleach/ombre their hair. I swear by this technique.

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DIY TEETH WHITENING for when my braces come off in a couple months! Yay :)