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Carousel is a a gallery app that connects to Dropbox (which saves your photos on the cloud, so they don’t take up space on your phone). You can delete photos from your camera roll, but still have access to them whenever you want. Sounds almost as magical as a real carousel, right? It’s easy to set up, then you’re worry free FOREVER!

from The Photojojo Store!

White Balance Lens Cap

The White Balance Lens Cap - The Photojojo Store! Nice idea, but not entirely necessary. :P Usually I can tell what settings I need for my lighting to get a good balance. But this would make it easier in some cases.

Beloved Field guide - Ideally the "I want it all" - all 3 field guides, voice and premium training. But field guide 1 for Bonnemort's wedding/engagements, and families... and the virtual training would be really helpful