Utensilios Prehispánicos: El molinillo. Cylindrical stick with a striated ball in the end, often around a ring. The grinder has evolved into a craft skimmer, but much more sophisticated. It is says his evolution goes hand in hand with the arrival of the monks and the preparation of hot chocolate with milk and sugar.

Beautiful molinillos for frothing Mexican hot chocolate

El Mercado

Aguas frescas! On a hot day, aaaah - I like the way they display! for more of Mexico, visit www.mainlymexican... #Mexico #Mexican #market #Mercado #tienda #shop

Authentic Mexican hot chocolate using molinillo and olla de barro ceramic pot. I wish you could see the molinillo. My mom has one, it's over 50 years old. We used to buy Pedro Lopez Chocolate but they've gone out of business.

street food - El Parico, Uruapan del Progreso, Michoacan de Ocampo, Mexico

Petrified waterfall at Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca, Mexico (by nathangibbs).

Colorful Ice Cream Cones, Mexico City

Molinillo (wooden chocolate whisk)

Molinillo Frothing Stick

Cuevas el Amarillo, Reserva de la Biosfera el Cielo, Tamaulipas, México.

El Tajin, Mexico

El Chiflon, Chiapas México

Nichos Pyramid, El Tajín, Veracruz, México by Pablo Flores.jpg

Huitlacoche Tacos - Oaxaca, Mexico.

"Así se toma el CHOCOLATE en México!! El país que lo regaló al mundo!! Bebida de reyes y dioses!!!!"

Mexico by Maribel A, via Flickr. It looks so delicious!!

Garbanzos - street food in Mexico

chiles, Central de Abastos, Oaxaca, Mexico | Adam Photo Gallery

El Ángel de la Independencia (The Angel of Independence), Mexico City, Mexico