Who's walking who? :)

This guy getting kissed by all the cows. | 27 Dogs Having The Time Of Their Lives: Kiss, Animals, Friends, Dogs, Pet, Pitbull, Funny, Cows

Does the dog think he's a horse or the horse think he's a dog?

To a big dog a horse is just a bigger dog. My dog doesn't understand why my mom's horses don't want to play with him. Seriously, Kolby doesn't get it.

People are constantly telling you that horseback riding isn’t a sport. | 24 Things Only Horse People Would Understand

Wow! Look how productive this mom golden retriever is! If she can walk 5 babies on her own, you can do anything!!

Young Man ~ "My Two Loves ~ My Horse And My Dog!"

Horse & dog

A horse his teddy bear....

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Friends ❤

Dog and horse.

My Witching Hour and Seaforth's Billion Heir foal

Rocky Mountain Horse! I want this horse!!!!! This horse's coloring is awesome! Love it! :)

When you are at peace with yourself, anywhere is home.




Beautiful Horse