How to make a silvered Martinelli's glass apple juice bottle.

How to Turn Old Bottles into Picture Frames...oooh I think this is my next home made crafty gift item!

Jars made from spaghetti sauce jars--spray paint lid and add knob. smart and cheap!

MORE wine bottle ideas! Top 10 Fun Craft Ideas...would be pretty fun to make and I know ppl that can give me the wine bottles lol

Spray painted bottles


Burlap and rhinestones!

Bottlelight - a usb rechargeable LED light that fits into any bottle top turning it into a lamp. A great product for camping.

Love these! Christmas wine bottles

Beaded Bottle Embellishments -- these would be so easy to #DIY, and add a feminine touch to bottles on the vanity. #bath #decor

Flatten wine bottles in your oven...good for cheese cutting boards.

Quick craft!! bottle or jar covered by decorative balloon

WOAH! You have to see what she did with this glass apple juice bottle--this is such a great project for fall. So creative AND on budget!

Love this.

DIY Apothecary Bottles. Love this!! It even shows how to make the tops!

DIY Antiqued Mercury Mirror Glass=gorgeous

juice bottle glitter vases.Here’s another beautiful way to recycle your plastic bottles

glittered bottles - tape off where you want glitter, add mod podge, glitter, peel off tape and let dry = beautiful holiday vases

How to cut a bottle without using any cutters.

Plastic Coffee Container Recycle with Chalkboard Labels