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  • Aleksandra Torohova is a hotel-concept in Berlin. You can sleep there in trailers which are placed in a room. #hotel #interieur #bedroom

  • Berny Nguyen

    Huettenpalast Hotel (Berlin, Germany): Get your retro fix within the walls of a former vacuum cleaner factory where guests can choose the comfort of cozy caravans, designer bedrooms or wild wooden cabins. For real, you can stay in a camper complete with hammock, swing seat and plenty of AstroTurf. Did we mention this is in the heart of Berlin?!

  • Anna Le Pley Taylor

    A boutique hotel in Berlin using campers in the rooms. Yes, please.

  • Vanessa D

    Camping in your living room? Most bad ass bedroom ever!

  • Interior Design Magazine

    Interior Design Magazine: Hüttenpalast hotel offers indoor camping inside a former factory. Designed by Sarah Vollmer and Silke Lorenzen. #InteriorDesignMagazine #InteriorDesign #Design #SarahVollmer #SilkeLorenzen #Hüttenpalast #Berlin #Germany

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Everyone is looking for something different in their hotel experience—some crave numerous amenities; some look for a spot with interesting architecture or an otherwise unforgettable space; and some just want a cheap bed to crash on. The funky hotel Huettenpalast in Berlin delivers on all three of those, which makes it a must visit in my book.

Hey, Jenie Sawyer Carter! The Caravan hotel was on Present and Correct!

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i want to go camping. especially if it was part of a road trip.

i want a cute camper like this. to camp with my cute hubs.

Paper & Tea | Berlin These shelves would work well for frames, just add a glass shelf in the middle of each and maybe a little light, and each box could be a vignette.

Simple and beautiful (and possibly cheap) bathroom furniture.

this small wooden staircase also works as tiny closet (via Design*Sponge) could be used in tiny house design in place of ladder?

I lived in a "pop-top" one of these for about 6 months. Kept it for several years for periodic use. I loved it, but hated the always needed some tinkering, and didn't have enough power for the size of the camper.

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