Agreed. Imaginary friends are quite useful. They are the little voice in your heart telling you what you need to hear.

Watercolor tattoo

This would be a beautiful tattoo...

finally finding some inspiration for my tattoo. Love the black

white ink with black shading..I really like this!

This is lovely.


Cover my inside bicep tat and move up arm a little and geometric daisy inside... also match to fix job for left wrist.. and hide "unbreakable" inside lengthy piece.

Somethings about this is simple and elegant, I'd like that. Done by Edna Serrano owner of Freedom Skin Tattoo shop

would do....maybe ask Matt if he would too

Henna tattoos

well-placed henna-like tattoo

makes me think of willow pattern china, which I love! Maybe a new take on my tea cup tatt idea

bird, bird, bird....

Thinking of inking? Good to know.

back tattoo

delicate wrist

#tattoo #ink #placement

lace tattoo by Cherrie Thai

Alice Carrier