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  • Susan Knauff

    Project Gemini Space Suit Future moonwalker Neil Armstrong in his Gemini G-2C training suit. When Project Gemini came along, astronauts found it difficult to move in the Mercury spacesuit when it was pressurized; the suit itself was not designed for space walking so some changes had to be made. Unlike the “soft” Mercury suit, the whole Gemini suit was made to be flexible when pressurized. Credit: NASA

  • David Garvin

    Vintage Space

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Neil Armstrong, by Ralph Morse, March 1969

Neil Armstrong, made every kid believe we can go to outer space. May your beauty spread.

Neil Armstrong ~ I remember as a young girl watching and waiting to see this man step out on to the moon...still sends shivers up my spine to think of it. How fantastic is that after 40 some years?

make the footprints on the moon like look this.

"Houston, Tranquillity Base here. The Eagle has landed." - Neil Armstrong / July 20, 1969

Neil Armstrongs RIP 2012 Age 82 A Hero to us all. You will always be remember.