+ Tangled (2010) concept art by Claire Keane  I love that all of Claire’s work is so diverse.

Tangled concept art by Claire Keane---The original concept for the movie was that it was supposed to look like this. Like a moving painting. It sort of devolved into its finished form, which isnt bad, the movie is great. But man, what could have been.

I think I need this.... can you see the Beast?

“Love Blooms in Winter” - Belle, Beauty and the Beast by Heather Theurer

Historically accurate Belle.

Maria Elena Naggi’s take on Belle from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” This richly detailed oil painting clearly draws its inspiration from Francois Boucher’s “Portrait of Madame Pompadour.

Ariel In Rain

Up where they stay all day in the. by *Elf-in-mirror on deviantART -- I want to make my ariel costume like this, with the off-the-shoulder peasant style, and not so crisp. more real :D

"Sewn to His Shadow" Peter Pan & Wendy by Artist Heather Theurer turns classic Disney movie moments into breathtaking scenes that are worthy of any museum.

Peter Pan Disney Fine Art I think this would of been a great dream if they both stayed together. DON'T YOU THINK?


Her wings were beautiful. Everyone said so. She didn't believe them. For what good were broken wings? She wanted to fly. To see the world. But what she needed was to learn that even the most broken of things could still be beautiful.