Fishtail braid accent.

Cute Shorter hairstyle that's still feminine and a lil bit country :)

Twists and Braids: Running late? No worries, you could finish this look in the car! Just twist the hair closest to your face, and stick in a tiny bobby pin.

Carey Mulligan. What is the right word? Cute as a button? Are buttons cute?

Carey Mulligan


short hair

Womens short hair style

Short hair

Cute cut

Short hair inspiration

2014 Short Hairstyles Beautiful Short Hair Trends | World's Best Hairstyles

short hair infatuation!

Short hair

cute short hair cuts

Cute Trendy Short Bob 2014----OH MY JESUS THIS IS PERFECT

Short hair styles:

Prachtige halflange kapsels die je zeker goed zullen staan!

short hair, long bangs, asymmetrical (for when, after 3 years of growing out my pixie cut, I finally learn how to braid/curl/do other fun hair stuff you can only do with long hair just to get bored one day and cut it all off again)

Short hair

I wish I could pull off Gennifer Goodwin's pixie cut!