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totally want to learn to surf. next summer. although here you do it in a heavy wetsuit.

The exact origin of surfing is still unknown, although 2000 years ago the ancient Hawaiian Chiefs and Kanaka (common man) were "Hanging Ten" when the earliest visitors to the islands started to arrive. Gloria/ATA

We have a finite connection to the sun & the sea...we are driven to partake in their natural seasonal makes us happy & extends our lives completely ♥

baka sa susunod ganito na kayo @diyem @kellangsutil @Thwathie @TheJaniceRamos @iceboxsalle @JohnAirwei @Cemmplicity @krissyish @patrick4877

Someday I will learn how to surf... Before I'm to old to do it:)

I adore them both... however I'm gonna start posting what I love best about each then I'm gonna REPRESENT. Stay tuned. WINNER: West Coast. We ALL surf every single day!

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