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29 Parents Who Are Clearly Way Better At Texting Than Their Kids

So glad texting wasn't a thing when I was a kid. This would have been my Dad's idea of funny.

The 'I' in team is hidden in the A-hole.

Debate about The 'i' in 'TEAM' is hidden in the 'A'-hole: Who knew? or Wait.

Bitch, you're just like Monday, nobody likes you. #funny #bitch #monday

Because of joining a bowling league on Monday that will be a shit ton of fun.you can't be like Monday.you'd have to be more like a Tuesday or Thursday.those days are useless days in the week anyway.

Iphone Text Messages: COME HOME!!

I could see my dad doing this to me. he used to prank call me all the time. I would do this to my kid lol


Aliens - Awkward Parents - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

strange word definitions | funny-meaning-of-words-definitions

Real meanings

Funny pictures about Real meanings. Oh, and cool pics about Real meanings. Also, Real meanings photos.

*sigh* No math, please. | Community Post: 17 Things Only People Without Kids Will Relate To

17 Things Only People Without Kids Will Relate To

Seriously one of my biggest pet peeves! And I have kids!


How To Be Attractive To Men Tips

Justin Timberlake though <3

Funny Music Ecard: Justin Timberlake is making a comeback and Justin Beiber is finally at his breaking point. There can only be one Justin. True that

@Rachel Rees @Annie Compean Felt @Lindsay Dillon Lloyd TRUTH.

ugly selfies = true friendship lol Grace,Et,Rily,Anne,and Molly our friend ship is real!