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No racing driver wants a 'sh**ty' exit from race, but this is quite literally what Mikko Hirvonen got when he crashed into a pile of manure this weekend! Check out the video by hitting the image and hold your nose...

Subaru Impreza STi-Richard Burns & Robert Reid

Subaru Impreza STi-Richard Burns & Robert Reid 2

Subaru Impreza STi-Colin McRae & Derek Ringer

Rally Cars - Rally Cross - Subaru Impreza - 96

ra uguste Turiani - Gilles Thimonier-Opel Manta 400 G.B-Rally de Portugal Vinho do Porto 1986

ra This how Wales Rally GB can be summed up for Citroën Racing frustration.

ra Jean-Robert Corthay - Bruno Reali-Porsche 911 SC Gr.4-Dagand Racing-Rallye Monte Carlo 1983

Carlos Reutemann Fiat 131 Abarth Rally Codasur 1980 Colección Alejandro de Brito Foto Cortesia Diego Stettler

Opel Manta, Rally Wrc, Manta 400

Group B: Citroen BX 4TC Rally car.

Citroen Competition, Rally Wrc, Citroen Wrc

Woods of Wales

Metro 6R4, Rac Network, 6R4 Audi, Rally Wrc, Ford Escort, Rally Rac, Escort Metro, Ford Wrc, Audi Four

Lancia HF

Mmrallikauden Päätöskisan, De Rally, Rally Wrc, Sports, Mm Rallikauden Päätöskisan, Voitti Mmrallikauden, Mestariogi Voitti, Voitti Mm Rallikauden, Rally Pik Peaks

Rally Wrc, Racers, Racing Cars, Rally Cars

Auto biamchi

Peugeot Competition, Rally Wrc, 307 Wrc, Wrc Cars, Peugeot 307, Rally Racing, Rally Cars