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very fun

Holton Rower - untitled pipes sculpture

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Make custom cord wraps out of old bungee cords.

Tie a square lashing

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A Complete Idiot's guide to make an LED lighting unit

DIY PVC Hand Pump - An easy to make neat little hand pump.

Repurposed pallet coat rack - preeetty sure I could do this.

So, your lawn mower wont start? Most of the time when a lawn mower, snow blower or any small engine won't start the cause is a problem with the gas or the carburetor. Here's how to find and fix the problem. Learn how at www.familyhandyma...

How to determine a good weld. Troubleshooting chart for MIG welding.

How To Make A $259.99 Yeti Style Super Ice Chest Cooler For About $5. Totally Awesome, And Easy To Make - The Good Survivalist

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Knot chart. Cause it's nice to remember that rope is so damn versatile.

Don't know how to take a field bearing?

Not Everything in the movies are right.

How To Make A Paracord Survival Bracelet | 16 Projects | Survival Life - Survival Life | Preppers | Survival Gear | Blog

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Dman's Bane's Cuff! This is an amazing tie.

TIG welding. This is really pretty!! #welding #weldernation @tigrig88 awesome pic!

Make a Silicone Mold from Silicone Sealant - super easy and a LOT cheaper than buying mold making supplies

10 tips that can advance your welding skills