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  • Pablo Rodriguez
    Pablo Rodriguez • 30 weeks ago

    One of the best gifts I ever got from my mom....1963.....I made a deal with Mom to be good and to help her clean the house. I helped her clean our house for what seemed like forever but in reality was about two weeks. I do not know how she got it for me but she got it for me. She purchased my race track from the JC Penneys, downtown on Main Street, Houston. Thanks Mom, RIP.

  • Laurie Devine
    Laurie Devine • 14 weeks ago

    We just picked this up and an estate sale. Box good condition, power pack good, lots or guardrail, and cars are there with extra parts, don't know if they work. Also came with extra car parts and extra car body. Oh and did I mention 2 boxes of track with a lot in original boxes. Can you guess a price? Even came with Starter Flagger Guy in original box.:)

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