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Scene of the Crime Writing: Set up a fake crime scene. Then have all the children to gather around and examine the scene of the crime. After they have all looked at the crime scene have them return to their desk and tell them to write a story about what they thought happened. This will make some interesting stories, but I would use this in only 4th or 5th grade.

Who's who in a #crime #scene? May be too close to the violent world we live in...(for now included as a point of reference)

"Writing About Death And Crime Scenes" With Garry Rodgers, former RCMP homicide detective and coroner. @TheCreativePenn

Every Contact Leaves a Trace: Crime Scene Experts Talk About Their Work from Discovery Through Verdict by Connie Fletcher (Bilbary Town Library: Good for Readers, Good for Librarians)

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Parallel Structure: PowerPoint, Worksheets, Tests

Teach your students about writing in parallel structure. This lesson includes an editable PowerPoint presentation, quizzes, and worksheets.

heronswing: Hey Crime fiction writers. Here’s an oft-cited reference chart to show you what different bullets look like going in and coming out.

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Argumentative Essay

Argument writing will be a breeze with this step-by-step resource designed to lead your students with models and supports through the entire process. Easy-to-follow writing templates guide students in drafting all five paragraphs! Includes a sample essay, rubric, and everything else you'll need to teach an argumentative essay unit.

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Tools for Improving Writing BUNDLE

7 Engaging products to help improve students' writing skills.

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Writing a Research Paper PORTFOLIO: Grades 8-12 EDITABLE

Research writing portfolio for upper middle and high school English!

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Writing Paragraphs - NO PREP Paragraph Building Activities - Structure, Style

Paragraph Structure Writing Practice for Middle and High School students - engaging materials for struggling students without all the cutesy stuff!!

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Expository Informative Explanatory Writing No Prep Common Core Bundle

Expository Writing, Informative Explanatory Writing (Informational, Expository) BundleAligned with the Common Core State StandardsThis IS included in my Essay Writing Resource Bundle: Common Core AlignedStudents will learn to write informative/explanatory essays and research papers by following the step-by-step process.


Lanny Ball on

Argument: Counterclaim sentence frames... from Twitter!

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Uncreative Writing: Redefining Language and Authorship in the Digital Age

“An updated notion of genius would have to center around one’s mastery of information and its dissemination.”