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  • Bethany Newman

    Memory quilt made from old baby clothes - Gorgeous - When the baby grows out of their little clothes, save them and sew them into a blanket. Use their blanket on their bed to keep them warm until the ages of 6/7. Then keep it and pass it on to them when they have their children. ♥ I am doing this one!!

  • Paige Mortinsen

    Memory quilt made from old baby clothes. Cute idea!

  • Dana DeGood

    Memory quilt made from old baby clothes~ adorable! #Idea #Inspiration #Baby. Love this!

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heart quilt from old baby clothes. I want this!!! I was thinking a crazy quilt from all of my girls blankies---this might be a better option!

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Memory Quilt Custom Made w/baby clothes...You can order it made by 22Hands --this is also great inspirations to make your own!

Should so do this! I've already planned to have one made of all his "school" (field trips/special type shirts) and also his baseball/sports (if ever there is any) shirt! Quilt idea from old baby clothes

This one is the cutest I've seen yet. Just getting all these ideas ready for when I use Avery's old baby clothes for this! Love this idea!

I want this! Memory Quilt / First Year Quilt / 1st Year Blanket / by 22HANDS

Don't throw away those old baby clothes! If you want to keep a few around, think about a memory quilt. 22hands on Etsy.

Baby clothes quilt. It would also be cool to make a quilt for your kid that would include scraps of clothing from all stages that you would give as a gift when they graduate or move out or get married. :)

Baby clothes memory quilt!! I am going to save clothes that have meaning to me for each of my children, and have quilts made for each of the, and then a big one for me with all their little clothes that I can't bear to get rid of.