Hahaha yes...

Thats the truth

Yup, yup!

Oh how I love to give these out to people! One of the many reasons I'll be going to a toasty place when I die! ;)


Pinner said best friend tattoo.... I just think it's freakin awesome cuz me n my bff say this all the time!!


Bookworm's problem 364. Borrowing books is always a scary experience - so true. intact i tend to buy it them as a gift to protect my little bookies! hehe



@Jullia Stephenson. YES


Story of my life.. thanks @Cassie Comeau

She did nothing.

Of courseeeee♥

story of my life

Books Make Me Happy HAHA, FUNNY!

Story of my life. You can see the tear stains in my HP 7 book....hardcore status. My Hunger Games is a pdf....so no tear stains there....