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Tons of awesome tattoos: #Tattoo #Tattoos #Ink

Don't underestimate me darling,I can go from Lady to Ghetto in 2.5 seconds ~ or in my case: TOTALLY IRISH!!! ... especially when you're the Ghetto one ...

A flash card! HAHAHAHA i think im laughing much harder than this picture warrants but its so funny!!!

Nice purse! Thanks. It's my ex-husband. - Funny cartoon with two crocodile ladies talking. Alligators speaking.

♥ first heard this from lester @ mimi's in new orleans, april 2012. best joke ever, especially the way he tells it.

Nothing makes you feel better more than ignoring someone for awhile then finally breaking down and look at their profile and see all the stupid stuff they post and realize they'll never grow up. Then you laugh and feel so much better because you finally KNOW you are so much better without them :)