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    Healing Digestion: Part 1 – Restoring the Mucous Layer

    Natural Strep Throat Remedy: 1 Tbsp, of raw honey (coats) ; 3-5 garlic cloves (antibiotic) ; ⅛ - ¼ tsp of cayenne powder (increases circulation for quicker healing) ; take 1 teaspoon an hour

    1 Year Ago Today... My Journey of Healing Crohn's Disease With Food - Gutsy By Nature #crohnsdisease #paleo

    Eat these 6 healing foods high in fiber to regulate your digestion!

    Raw goat milk, goat yogurt, and bone/gelatin broth are probably the best all-around foods for restoring and healing your digestive system. *Note: add a small amount of honey, if your need to 'fix' the taste. Goat's milk has balanced proteins and essential fatty acids which make it an excellent source of healthy bowel bacteria.

    Easy Steps to Heal #Gut and #AutoimmuneDisease naturally #health

    How to Heal Thyroid with Foods - Fire Up My Thyroid

    17 Homemade Remedies For Toothache..These Herbs are very effective for fast Pain relief & Safe.. plus a natural toothpaste for healing your cavity too.. #toothache remedies

    4 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Disease

    7 Healing Herbs: Garlic, turmeric, basil, ginger, cinnamon, fennel, rosemary

    How To Heal With Aloe Vera Plants: Tips Guide

    American ginseng is considered to be a stress reducer, energizer and a normalizer. The name panax comes from the Greek word panacea meaning, “all healing”. It has been traditionally used to negate the effects of fatigue and stress. It’s often used as a general health tonic to enhance a person’s mental and physical performance.

    Calendula pot marigold health benefits.

    Easy Homesteading: Natural Healing

    The Benefits of the Use of Lemon Balm in Herbal Preparations @ herbal

    The amazing story of Dr.Wahls and how she healed her own MS naturally with food

    How to Make Elderberry Syrup Recipe. Hippocrates Is Said To Have Called It . . . His “medicine chest,” and for thousands of years it’s been revered in folk medicine for its healing properties. (source) Now studies are starting to confirm what tradition has long held: elderberries are a delicious and effective way to support immune function during cold and flu...

    Argan Oil Benefits

    How to Speed Gut Healing and Shorten Time on the GAPS Diet | The Healthy Home Economist

    healing cavities with oil pulling--we tried it and it really works! @ trina holden

    Heal Your Gut - Improve your liver function to improve your health