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poeticsir: “ There is more to love In the crook of your neck Than all the sand On all the beaches in the world Never doubt Your worth ”

In this world of chaos, there is a reason i collided into you. A reason we fell in love, a reason we gave our hearts to one another. I don't believe we met for no reason; I want to be with you... forever. ~BethanyAnnHudson


Anne and I have been busy painting studio-portrait-backdrops- proper stretched canvases, prepared with gesso, proper oil colours mixed with linseed oil, and proper blue hands! Reet proper results too (as they say in Yorkshire)

Heaven with a taste of hell. Law student. from Eastern Europe. I display a rather unhealthy obsession with wolves. I'm a more assertive and kick-everyone's-ass kind of INFJ (The Protector) - in comparison with your usual INFJ, that is - which makes...

Binding with Briars My Joys & Desires: A garden of bourgeois pseudo-intellectual musings. A blog of intelligent beauty. By: An annoyingly curious graduate student in the humanities. "And the gates of this Chapel were shut, And ‘Thou shalt not’ writ...