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PVC instrument! (Directions at: http://devices.natetrue.com/pvc/pvc.htm ) #instruments

How to Make a PVC Pipe Xylophone Instrument - Play real songs on this, and the sound is really neat.

Silky and Stretchy Play Dough for kids - 2 ingredients

MyMusicalMagic: How to Make a Home-made Panpipe / Pan Flute

The perfect play dough for your classroom this Christmas. It's great for sensory play, making the alphabet, pre-writing mark making, chilling out Christmas-crazy kids (!) and it smells just like Christmas. Maybe my favourite ever dough!

Make your own PVC Didgeridoo out of simple items that you can find in a hardware store! www.mcguckin.com

Transportation Plates by Boguslaw Sliwinski, http://www.besign.eu/ #Plates #Play #Boguslaw_Sliwinski

So simple — all you need is PVC pipe and a cork.

play envelopes

One digeradoo wasn't enough - She went all Zamfir on us. But so cool she even won the Science Olympiad with her creation!

I want to make these homemade PVC pipe flutes!!

PVC harp - perhaps I could make an Aeolian harp out of PVC pipes!

Making Music with PVC Pipes: DIY Flutes

DIY Wood Instruments | Hellobee

Build your own musical instrument out of PVC and play your favorite songs.

I love PVC

PVC pipe instrument - YouTube

pvc flutes

School project, i played do re mi, the office theme, and the rugrats theme

PVC doll furniture