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We dug the hole to the size we wanted and secured the gas pipe by surrounding it with a half cement block and filled it in with dirt.

Now we are leveling the center blocks. We placed gravel on the bottom and then we used a level to back sure it's level. Oh and of course we are using the pipe to make our fire pit wall square.

Installing the gas pipe from fire pit to house pic 4. This picture is inside our garage. The hole at the bottom is where the gas pipe is going to go through to the other side of the wall as we are also converting our electric stove to a gas stove, so we just had him do this as well. Our stove is directly on the other side of this wall where our kitchen is. is our first project for the summer. My husband and i plan to install and make a gas fire pit here in our courtyard. We have already called a plumber to come out and install the gas pipe which will cost around $600. He is also going to give us a little nipple I guess is what you call it so that we can hook up our BBQ and never have to go purchase a propane tank again! YEA!!!

Roger from Pine Valley Plumbing is awesome! We have used him on several projects before and he's the one who is installing the gas pipe from our fire pit to our house today...4/26/2012 so can't wait!