Føroyski tjóðbúnin (Faroese National Costume) The traditional Faroese costume is based on the common people’s everyday clothes in the 1800s. It is still widely used in the Faroes at graduscaation ceremonies, weddings and confirmations.

Faroese traditional costume. *The Faroese or Faroe Islanders are a Germanic nation and ethnic group native to the Faeroe Islands. The Faroese are of mixed Norse and Gaelic origins.

Faroese national costume

The Faroese national costume

Faroese costume

A little girl in Faroese National Costume playing with a dog at the Day of Ólavsøka 2009, via Flickr.

Hungarian traditional costume

Girl in traditional costume - Faroe Islands

Dutch traditional costume

traditional costume in Olympos, #Greece

Faroe Island girls dressed in traditional costume, Stockholm, 1947.

Romanian traditional folk costume

Swiss traditional dress

Traditional Polish Folk Costumes

Faroese folk dance club with some members in national costumes

Faroese National costumes, by Ole Kristian Valle.

Traditional costume, croatia by marilyn_cvitanic, via Flickr

Europe | Portrait of a couple wearing traditional clothes, Greece

Panama ~ beautiful traditional dress

Ólavsøkukórið - The Olavsoka Choir - Dressed In Faroese National Costumes, Tórshavn 2009 by Eileen Sandá, via Flickr

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