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  • Ashley Lynn

    Just showed this to my high school students today they were getting into it. Integumentary System Song Mr Parr has over 100 awesome songs about education check out his channel

  • Tricia Hart

    Life Science

  • Karen Lopez

    For kids learning about skin system

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Cool solar system song by 6th grade science teacher Mr. Parr to the song Rocketeer by Far East Movement. Mr. Parr added this correction: Saturn has 62 moons with confirmed orbits, as of March 2011. 53 have been named and 9 are provisional.

Grade 6-8 Life Science Anatomy Human Body Organ Systems Foldable 1. Skeletal System (Bones) 2. Integumentary System (Hair & Skin) 3. Muscular System 4. Circulatory System 5. Respiratory System 6. Digestive System 7. Excretory System 8. Immune System 9. Reproductive System 10. Nervous System 11. Endocrine System Template & Directions here: www.teacherspayte... (FREE!)

Organ Systems Song to The Show Goes On by Lupe Fiasco

Here is a video I created for my sixth grade science students. I hope you enjoy Each neuron has a cell body, a nucleus Strands called nerve fibers There are two types them Carrying information out-in When info's channeled to the cell body-Dendrites When it is sent away from-axons They pair up from one cell to a friend To pass on the instruction...

Circulatory System Song - Kim, I think you should sing this....

Integumentary System: In this video Paul Andersen details the important structures and functions of the integumentary system. The integumentary system includes the skin, hair and nails in humans.

Amazing Respiratory System Video! Each day I'm breathing air in, I'm breathing air in The air is sucked through nose and mouth Mucus it warms and moistens, it warms and moistens The trachea the air goes down Yeah, the trachea divides in two Both primary bronchus too And you know it do, know it do Y...

Notebooking Pages: free resources to nail down your anatomical understanding. Great resources for visual and tactile learners!

Repinned from A very! clever pinner Integumentary System

Cool song and animation breaking down the entire muscular system.. awesome!