RGB colorspace atlas by tauba auerbach

Tauba Auerbach's RGB Atlas

Maybe because it is finally summer, but I love all the bright sorbet-like colors of this print. In a light-filled apartment, this would look terrific against white walls.

It's a book that features the full color gradient in 3,000+ pages.. amazing. RGB Colorspace Atlas by Tauba Auerbach

SARENZA - ATELIER BEAUBOURG Inspiration Graphic - Colors - Makeup

What would a book containing every color in the world look like? Behold Tauba Auerbach’s RGB Color Atlas

"Book of Life" sculpture, by David Kracov

rainbows pictures | ... of the rainbow let’s take a look at the colours of the rainbow



Cara Barer's 'Butterfly' "Books as Art"

I want to be in this.


bleached library books

I think this is probably rust and paint .... the pattern, movement and colors just send me

'Sinking Ship' by Valerie Hegarty

From Nothing

The House That Lars Built.: This is perfection. Period.

Virtual Horizon by Mowgli Omari

Post Its