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How to be a fairy. Kat Ellis. What a lovely idea!

What happens in the forest dark, On evenings warm & still ?

Don't put out a fairy house unless you actually want them to appear. So many have failed to heed this advice and have ended up with the little pests buzzing around all over the garden.

elizabeth messina: the lovely faery wedding…a beautiful dream….. - all of this beauty, costumes, flowers & decor was created by tricia fountaine…a visionay & a lover of all things faery…..

A very tall fairy tale tree. Amazing (you need to see the full photo of it) - $ 4,200 from Australia tho.

A stone my beautiful yard....around my cottage...on the coast of Ireland!

Ogu Mate (pronounced OH-goo MAH-teh) is the Latvian Goddess of Berries and the plants that produce them. It is said that the Latvian flag’s distinctive dark red color was first produced with the juice of the berries that grow wild in the forests. Ogu Mate’s name means Mother of Berries.