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I'm not gonna argue that this is a striking, well executed photograph. I just think it's creepy how they're using a market place full of real people to make a contrast. Like "here is all the unbeautiful plebes...and then there's ME!! In my tall western GLAMOUR!!"

Cheong Fun! I love this recipe at Dim Sum time! Plain, filled with Char Siew (BBQ) Pork or steam shrimp...any of these ways you prepare it, it puts a big smile on my face. :)

from Ginger and Scotch

Hong Kong Egg Cakes (Gai Daan Jai - 鷄蛋仔)

Hong Kong Egg Cakes. My kids love these cakes and we always buy them from the food stands whenever we see them.

Hetalia APH - Bookmarks by ryo-hakkai - My favorite ones would be the top with China, then Canada, and Hong Kong! (^o^)

from Laugh Travel Eat

My 1 Day Itinerary in Hong Kong

There's no doubt that Hong Kong is full of a million things to see and do. But what if you are short of time? Well - here's my 1 day itinerary for Hong Kong full of my favourite spots!