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I wanna ride on a horse through a misty forest wearing a cool lookin cape and arrows across my back!!! :)

She comes down from Yellow Mountain On a dark, flat land she rides On a pony she named, Wildfire With a whirlwind by her side....

Mélanie Thierry in The Princess of Montpensier



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Beautiful image

Jasmine pushed her towards the horse. "You must go now!" Her heart was breaking, I can't leave you two behind not with that monster!" Jasmine shook her head, "you have to! If Teague finds you, all hope will be lost he'd be unstoppable!" Jasmine then turned around and ran back towards the palace. The horse was stamping his feet to show his impatience. With one last look, she watched her friend disappear into the desert.....written by Madaleine Carrothers an excerpt from Unenchanted: A Genies ...

What kind of feeling do you get from this image? Who is this? Where are they coming from? To what are they returning? - The Return by digitalTouch.deviantart.com

N E V N A R I E N - Sagovärlden

Equestrienne with an owl, art photograph

She finally ceased running and sat back against a tree. She prayed no one had followed her. They wouldn't, would they? They had gotten their wish. She had said "I do". They should be pleased. If only she could be too.

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Photograph Untitled by Tatiana Quetzal on 500px


Changeling if she were wearing bright colors and beads in her hair. The Romani don't wear white.


Elf Queen

What child doesn't want to enter or leave a meadow wedding on horseback?