apple tree crown [Anna Morozova]

Daria Endresen : blog july2013

Headdress inspiration for The Spirit of Winter, Pole Dance theater Dec 19th 2014 @ MyBar


stag couture

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Antler Crown for Myrcella Baratheon, who as of yet, still does not know the truth of who her father is and isn't

saint: ►Vintage blog◄ - Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

black swan


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♕ Crown Couture ♕

Yet another bold and brilliant fashion statement based on the forest , i absolutely love the beautiful minds of these designers.

Bitchin with the enormous...headpiece / head-dress - Marcel van der Vlugt, "Heavenly Creatures," 1996

Fairy tale.Elfs.

Tantalum Magazine #28 "Knight of Solitude" by Angelina Scantlebury #photography #fantasy

Princess and the Pea ~ fairy tale themed work by digital artist/illustrator Pat Brennan (on deviantArt as moonmomma). Kinda me....I am really a lot like this!! LOL

DIY Crown Tiara. Could be use to hold a candle in a centerpiece when you are not wearing it :) -Tutorial

Halo? Headband? Bizarre pseudo-fairy headdress?

I love this look in all black of course :~)