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Ultra Eye ~ Face Art ♡ #faceart #jewelexi

Model Marta Serra (Unplugged MGMT) MUAHair Lo... Credit: Teresa Novoa Photography (Click to Support Artist)

Extreme eye makeup. Fantasy face makeup. Amazing lip designs. All very inspiring for a professional photographer based in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk

Extreme Makeup Transformations That Will Blow Your Mind

Our of all my pins, this one is re-pinned The most. Make Up Is An Art- looks like a fractal around her eye.

Much Respect Artist - Nina Megaloconomos, Model - Jesse ❤d by http://makeupartistrycairns.com.au #facepaint

This is the best makeup look I've ever seen. It inspires me to start doing makeup looks again.

abstract makeup #abstract #makeup #creativemakeup - bellashoot.com

Malaysian makeup artist Saraswati uses her hijab and makeup to turn herself into actual Disney characters. | Cruella DeVill

Obsessed with the glitter in general but especially how it's used as the highlight. Matte meets glitter, SO major.

Something similar but for a young girl for Halloween. So pretty

Natalia Domovets artistic creative makeup art

Creative and artistic fantasy makeup with crystal accents.

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Real Techniques -$10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cm3dTN1RFd8

Aspen. Part I. by Igor Oussenko

Dramatic red and black butterfly themed make-up enhanced with crystals.

Fantasy makeup #WinWayneGossTheCollection