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Zoe has a low tolerance for #idiots, but living in this town idiots is all that are encountered; while in public, in multiples on the roadway.. They're everywhere! #stupid #people

Some people you know were dropped as babies. Others were clearly thrown in the air, hit the ceiling fan, bounced off the wall, and fell out the window.

Actually, all of the above. #ecard #funny

You may be prettier, skinnier and tanner than I am, but I out-boob you on every level. I out-boob everybody!

ha! love it (though if something like this was said about women, we would consider it very sexist - just putting that out there)

"Women spend more time thinking about what men think than men actually spend thinking. should I put this under my TRUTH board?

Yes - best super power ever *hands on hips with wind whipping through cape * -says NO MOM, EVER!

Yes - best super power ever *hands on hips with wind whipping through cape * -says NO MOM, EVER!

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Funny Reminders Ecard: Never piss off someone who bleeds for a week every month and doesn't die.

Some people find it so hard to stay out of my life, when they actually need to focus on their own.

Funny Workplace Ecard: I almost showed up to work today with a positive attitude, but sarcasm stepped in and saved the day. Happens every darn day!

Flight attendant prayer #aviationhumorpeople

Funny Confession Ecard: Lord, grant me the serenity to accept stupid people the way they are, courage to maintain self-control, and wisdom to know if I act on it, I will go to jail! laughing out loud

Bahahaha!! I am pretty sure we think this about a few people.

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True but you're still trying to spread your legs too no body wants that nasty cunt though. Hahah caption was too funny to get rid of