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from Society6

Flowing Inspiration Art Print by Enkel Dika

Flowing Inspiration by Enkel Dika....odd, very odd but I can see a really unique tattoo here :)

`Love conquers all, let us too yield to love´-Virgil. The classical latin poem, the Aeneid, was transcribed by vikings into old western norse. The quote you see on my arm was uncovered by archeologists in Norway after an old village burnt down.It suggests that not all viking were mindless thugs and pirates. I love the quote and like to pretend i´m a viking so it is perfect for me.

Octopus Woman: such a creative and interesting piece of art that would make a great almost pin-up like tattoo.... like if she was a mermaid/half fish

from Etsy

Print 8x10" - Victoriandustrial 6 - Victorian Octopus Industrial Revolution Tentacles Steampunk Fantasy Edwardian Gothic Gas Mask

Stuffed octopus tenticles, great victorian jacket, and gas mask will make a great Halloween costume