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  • Angie Angeles Clark

    Magic Carpet Cleaner... This trick does work but you really need some arm power to get the stain out! Lol! Better than the store bought carpet stain removers

  • Amy Walton

    lizzy writes: magical carpet cleaner vinegar and baking soda carpet cleaning

  • Alexis Vo Kwan

    Because I'm a clean freak: magical carpet cleaner. Baking soda, dishwashing liquid, white vinegar, and warm water. Just in case I ever need it!

  • Debbi Koralewski

    Carpet stain remover. I used this on ancient stains and it worked beautifully (carpet cleaner didn't work on them). Warm water, dish soap, white vinegar.

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in case i haven't pinned before???? Magic Carpet Cleaner ;-) Baking soda, vinegar, dishwashing liquid & warm water!!

it works!! peroxide + dish detergent... just got up the dried/mashed/ground in yogurt stain on my son's cream carpet! i've tried a handful of cleaners, shout spray/wash, simple green, carpet cleaner machine... and this did it. woot!!

lizzy writes: magical carpet cleaner

  • Maria Johnson

    1. Scrape up the liquid (I had already done this weeks ago). 2. Sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch on stain to let absorb for 10 minutes and then vacuum. 3. Mix one tablespoon clear dishwashing liquid and one tablespoon white vinegar with two cups of warm water. 4. Using a white cloth (I strongly believe in microfiber washcloths), sponge the stain with the detergent/vinegar solution and blot until all the liquid is absorbed. 5. Sponge off with cold water and blot dry.

Magic Carpet Cleaner ;-) Baking soda, vinegar, dishwashing liquid & warm water!! Actually works on clothing stains as well (particularly oil based stains like from food splatter)

Magic Carpet Cleaner - baking soda, vinegar, dish soap & warm water. I just used this to clean up bright red juice and it worked like a dream!!! So good it makes me want to clean every carpet in my house, LOL!

stain removers...I cant wait to try some of the others. The shower cleaner is miraculous for removing soap scum without harsh chemicals, which incidentally dont work as well anyway!

  • Pamela

    Wow, I will sure be trying these recipes!!

How to get old stains out of your carpet! - Click image to find more Home Decor Pinterest pins

I have got to try this!!! I have some dark stains in random places on my carpet that are driving me crazy!!! Maybe this will work, cause i have tried everything else.

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Magic Carpet Cleaner. Perfect for my messy boyfriend and our white carpet.

Some indestructible cleaning products and stain removal techiques that can withstand just about anything your kids can dish out.