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Parent Night/ Open House Ideas. So many cute ideas!

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All About Me Bags (Classroom Freebies): Love this idea for beginning of the semester or school year.

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Meet the Teacher Night Treat for parents...hopefully the message will be meaningful :) Open House at day care

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Sneak-a-Peek, Meet the Teacher, Back to School Night, Open House...

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School and the City: Open House (Meet the Teacher Night)

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Open House or just in general - use clothespins to hold up a laminate sheet to make a sign or display - LOVE how easy this is! The Brown-Bag Teacher

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Parent Teacher Conferences Funny


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Another great idea- this one is for our families at Open House.

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good idea

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Such a fun idea for open houses or conference nights.

Bloglovin’from Bloglovin’

Back to School Open House Treat FREEBIE! (Classroom Brainstorm)

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Back to School Open House Treat FREEBIE!

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Wow! This is awesome! Really good idea.

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Gift for parents at Open House???? Pizza Box to hold projects in!

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create a basket for back to school night. parents can see all the supplies their students will need :)

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Great ideas for back to school.

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Apples for parents (open house / back to school)

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Parent Orientation Night - Give to parents

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maybe use with a clothespin for each student's name. They pick their goal for the week?


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LOVE THIS SAYING!! Open House Bags for Students

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Meet the teacher, open house- Newsletter!

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Open house idea!

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2Nd Grade Parent Letter

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First Days Of School Second Grade

I know it's 2nd grade, but some of these ideas are just so good! I feel like if I were a parent and I went to an open house like this, I would be thrilled that my child had such a prepared, organized and caring teacher!