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The longer I look at it the funnier it gets

The Ultimate Round of "Got Your Nose" XDXDXD

hahahahahaha... The evil Dr. Voldemortz is buying up all the floo powder in the Tri-House Area... Go get him, Agent T!

Accurate. Thanks, Harry Potter, for setting it straight.

hahahahha oh kanyeeee... you have supplied us with a saying that we can fill with our own quotes for all eternity!

Voldemort gets advice from Pinocchio.

Oh wow....I can't...LOL I'm like dying. Who actually would have this in their house?! LOL He's totally creepy.

Taking my fondness for men in uniform to a whole new level. THIS IS MOST EXCELLENT.

Hahahahahahahahah nose is such a funny word

You feel so special...

"Is he a great wizard, or is he more like you?" XD XD XD I love Bilbo.